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We are able to define to you all the important wordings and sections within each policy, and to help you understand what that means in a real-world situation. When you choose to obtain affordable car insurance through One Sure, you can rest assured knowing that we will always strive to provide advice where possible to help you not only save money, but to ensure that you are aware of all the added extras our insurers and providers offer. Be aware that if you buy and sell cars, and are considered a Motor Trader, you will benefit more from buying either a road risks or combined premises motor trading policy.

Click here to learn more about our motor trader policies. You can also obtain an affordable car insurance quote via our online quote form. We may need to refer your unique circumstances and situation to our underwriters for a bespoke rate. According to Intelligent Car Leasing, a leading provider of lease cars in the UK , some insurers will not be able to deal with lease cars as you do not physically own the vehicle.

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As such, we advise all of our customers to declare up-front that the vehicle is leased so that we can find the most appropriate insurer for you. Home Car Insurance Car Insurance. These are: Did you know? It aims to crack down on uninsured drivers by matching up the database of cars on the road with insured drivers.

The only way out is to apply for a statutory off road notification Sorn , declaring your car will never be driven. Nothing better illustrates car insurers preying on loyal customers than Sarah Cooper's tweet. How do they justify this? They just do it. Insurers charge more each year, knowing inertia stops policyholders switching. If your renewal is coming up, jot it in your diary to remember it. Compare comparison sites' quotes and then call your insurer to see if it can match, or even beat, the best one you found.

If it can, you're quids in. Sue via email. Finally convinced the other half to challenge car insurance renewal quote. As well as insurers refusing to offer you the special rates available to new customers, there is often an administration fee charged for renewing your policy. Here's a list of some of the providers that impose a renewal fee. You would expect third-party cover to be the cheapest because it is the lesser cover, just covering the person you bump into and their car. Yet don't expect car insurance to be logical.

With some insurers the mere fact you have selected comprehensive, which includes your car too as well as fire and theft, means you'll be assessed as a lower risk as you're deemed to be more responsible based on 'actuarial history', which is what an insurer will hold about a particular age group or address, for example, on which it bases its premiums. This can outweigh the fact you get more cover, and make your policy cheaper.

There are no hard and fast rules here; it's a matter of trial and error, yet if you're just looking for the very cheapest cover, never only check third party. It paid off for this MoneySaver Yet it covers very little, only protecting others on the road and property and street furniture from your bad driving. So if an accident's your fault, third party pays for the damage you cause to another driver's vehicle and their property and protects any passengers. It will not cover you for any damage to your own vehicle so you will be expected to pay this cost yourself. Third party, fire and theft Third party, fire and theft is an extension of third-party only insurance but also protects your vehicle if it is stolen, or if it catches fire.

Comprehensive Comprehensive is the widest level of cover available. If you have an accident and it was your fault, you can claim the cost of repairing your car and any other damage you may cause to a third party. The cover also includes accidental damage, vandalism and usually windscreen repair. You may be able to drive other people's cars, although this is likely to be only up to the level of third-party coverage. You may also be covered to drive hire cars. These are not standard features so check with your insurer before you buy so you are clear about what is included.

Many insurers will only offer comprehensive cover for cars over a certain value anyway. An MSE investigation in which we analysed more than 18 million quotes from three of the biggest price comparison sites — Confused. If you are already within the day period, act now as the price tends to increase closer to the start date of the policy. Here are a few successes from MoneySavers who've got their insurance around the day sweet spot Cara via Facebook.

If you have more than one car in your immediate family or household, this could be for you, and having different renewal dates needn't be a blocker. What tends to happen is multi-car newbies get hot offers to suck 'em in, but that advantage can disappear at renewal.

As comparison sites don't offer multi-car discounts, you'll need to check the multi-car price directly with the insurers below, and then compare those prices with the individual policy costs you get using comparison sites.

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Here are three steps to follow This is where all cars are on one policy. If your policies start at the same time, it's easy. If not, see below. The three insurers above let you set up a policy at your first car's renewal, while the other car s stay with their existing insurer, until their renewal. If you need a multi-car quote for several vehicles with different start dates, this is how it could work:.

You get cover for your lead car to start in three weeks' time, car two to start in seven months and car three in 10 months. Cars two and three will stay insured with their existing insurer until their current policy ends, at which time they will move across to the multi-car policy, for the remainder of the year. If you want your multi-car cover for all your vehicles to start at the same time, it's simple, you'll just be given one total cost.

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For different start dates, you'll be given a total price to pay, which'll cover all the cars you just pay for however long each car is insured for , and you'll also be given an 'annual equivalent price', as if all the vehicles were insured for a full year, to help you compare against other providers. As a general rule of thumb, yes, though it varies by provider.

Some other insurers do simply give a reduction for each additional policy added, while keeping the policies separate. This can be an especially easy route if an insurer already covers one of your cars, so check the price when the second car's up for renewal. If you're not already a customer, you can take out two policies in quick succession to get the discount.

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Sometimes it will work out cheaper to get individual policies for each car, rather than linking them. Use our full comparison system for how to find the cheapest price.

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Thanks MSE. MoneySaver Suzanne. Here are seven quick tips on how to do it most effectively….

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Car insurance is all about risk. That's why it can work. If you're a high-risk driver and you add someone who is a much lower risk as a second or third driver, they can bring down the average risk and you may get a cheaper policy. This isn't just for young drivers. But of course, it's especially powerful for those with costlier insurance. The better the driving history and lower the risk, the more impact it should have. By law insurers can't discriminate over gender, but age, driving experience and history can make a difference. This is about trial and error, not logic. Your mum may increase the cost, your brother may cut it, or vice versa.

It's just a question of trying different quotes and seeing what happens. Different insurers respond in different ways.

One may cut your costs adding your uncle, another may increase them. The second driver should be someone who would reasonably drive your car. So don't add Lewis Hamilton, unless you happen to be related and even then racing drivers are likely to be a very high risk — but your mum, son, best mate or gran should be OK — as long as they would drive the car. Never add someone as main driver if they're not. This is known in the industry as 'fronting', and is fraud. If you do it and are caught, you could face a conviction and your insurance will likely be invalid.

Another quick win is tweaking your job description legitimately of course. An illustrator is often cheaper than an artist, an editor than a journalist, a PA than a secretary. Remember, never lie, as this would be considered fraudulent. Crazy world isn't it?

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If you don't have a job, you face a potential fivefold jump in insurance costs by declaring you're unemployed. If that's you, say so to avoid a hike in costs. However, only enter homemaker if you're genuinely not seeking work or receiving benefits that require you to seek work.

Otherwise, it's fraud. A monthly payment plan for your insurance is essentially a high-interest loan. If paying by credit card, check if the insurer or provider charges a fee for doing so — though the fee is usually less than the interest charged on monthly instalments. Don't assume switching is only for those at renewal. This is very important when prices are rising, as they are this year. You may find switching early saves anyway, especially if you didn't follow our full cost-cutting system in the past.

There are three points to consider when doing this:. For many, it will still be a worthwhile move.

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Here are a couple of case studies to inspire you Insurers usually send out notifications at least 21 days before renewal. This doesn't leave much time, and you could end up rushing to find a cheaper price. The following are just some of the cancellation fees charged by insurers if you cancel cover outside the day 'cooling-off period' and if you've not made any claims during the current year.

Being on the electoral roll is not just about being registered to vote — it can also make a difference to your insurance premium.

car insurance in uk search Car insurance in uk search
car insurance in uk search Car insurance in uk search
car insurance in uk search Car insurance in uk search
car insurance in uk search Car insurance in uk search
car insurance in uk search Car insurance in uk search
car insurance in uk search Car insurance in uk search
car insurance in uk search Car insurance in uk search
car insurance in uk search Car insurance in uk search

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