Chilton bryant marriages in missouri

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Fauquier County, Virginia, United States - History of the town of Plymouth : from its first settlement in to the present time, with a concise history of the aborigines Vinslow, great-grand-son of John and Mary Chilton , married Elizabeth Savage, and had a numerous family, 16 children. Died October, New, Massachusetts, United States - With the makers of San Antonio : genealogies of the early Latin, Anglo-American, and German families with occasional biographies, each group being prefaced with San-Antonio, Texas, United States - Guide to Plymouth, and recollections of the Pilgrims Chilton before , daughter of James Chilton , who came in the Mayflower and died the first winter Spring, Unknown country - Missouri historical review Volume Shannon County, Missouri, United States - Winslow memorial : family records of the Winslows and their descendants in America : with the English ancestry as far as known : Kenelm October, 1 , to Mary Chilton , daughter of James Chilton , one of the first emigrants in tlie Mayflower.

Plymouth, United States - Spilman papers Conway Spilman's will was proved in Culpeper County Culpeper County, United States - The descendants of Capt. Thomas Carter of Barford, Lancaster County, Virginia : with genealogical notes of many of the allied families Hereford, Herefordshire and Worcester, United Kingdom - The Whitney family of Connecticut, and its affiliations : being an attempt to trace the descendants, as well in the female as the male They lived at Stanbridge Station, P.

Stanbridge Station, United States - Genealogical and family history of central New York : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and Mary, daughter of James and. Susanna Chilton , who came in the Mayflower. Eleanor, born April 22, , at Droitwich Droitwich, Herefordshire and Worcester, United Kingdom - History of Kentucky, illustrated, Quarrier was a daughter of James Y. Chilton Quarrier, natives of Wheeling, W. Wheeling, Kentucky, United States - History of the state of Kansas : containing a full account of its growth from an uninhabited territory to a wealthy and important state, Stiles was born in Cass private of Company D.

Cass, Kansas, United States - Westmoreland County, Cumbria, United Kingdom - The Whitney family of Connecticut, and its affiliations, being an attempt to trace the descendants, as well in the female as the male lines, Stanbridge Station, P. A reminiscent history of the Ozark region : comprising a condensed general history, a brief descriptive history of each county, and numerous biographical sketches Chilton spent his Shannon Co. County of Christian, Kentucky : historical and biographical vol. Thomas Chilton , removed to the town of Ilopkinsville, where for many years he practiced law, Montgomery County, Tennessee, United States - Hannah Latham, a grand-daughter of John Winslow brother of Gov.

Edward Winslow and Mary Chilton Winslow of Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine Pilgrim, was a daughter of James Chilton , one of the signers of the famous compact. Edward Winslow married first Sarah Winter Harbor, Maine, United States - Lamb's biographical dictionary of the United States, Volume Thomas John Chilton and a brother of Thomas Chil ton.

His father was a Baptist minister, Tennessee, Tennessee, United States - Thev remained in Plymouth until Wood Co. Mineola, United States - The county families of the United Kingdom, or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland : containing Second son of the late Thomas Chilton , Esq. Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom - History of South Dakota, v. Benjamin Bryant was a native of Kentucky, moved to Missouri Kentucky, Kentucky, United States - Stiles was born in Cass private of Company History of Alabama and dictionary of Alabama biography Blue, Alabama, United States - Edward Winslow, the Mayflower" Pilgrim.

Sophira was born in Aug in Georgia.

Fountain was born in Oct in Georgia. She died in in Paris, Lamar Co. Rosa Fountain never married. Wife 74 GA b. Daughter 46 GA b. Samuel was the son of Josiah Smith and Nancy Drake.

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Lucinda and James were my GG grandparents. Riley was the son of Thomas Scott, and Rutha Wheeler.

Rutha was the daughter of John A. Wheeler and Millie Amelia Maze. I think Susannah and Josiah were brother and sister, which of course would make Melvina and Samuel first cousins. I have almost nothing to base this assumption on, but Susannah did have a brother named Josiah, and a brother named Milton.

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Susannah and Josiah were both born in South Carolina. Josiah and Nancy Drake were also married in Bedford Co. TN, where they had moved to with their parents when they were young. James Trumball Lyman Daniel Porter Greathouse was born in and his father died shortly before his birth as a result of wounds suffered early in the war between the states. The son names was my grandfather, Brady Bushong Greathouse. The son in St. James was postmaster in a small town in Ghent, Montgomery Co. AR in abt Ida, AR. They lived in Oden, AR.

John was born in Georgia. His father was George M Gilbert who was born in in Georgia. February 22, , Georgia, d. October , Black Springs, Montgomery Co. H Rev.

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Hardin became a minister, and Lawyer, while in prison, as they left Montgomery Co. Meeks was born in Marshal Co. Taylor to visit the folks here. W Taylor married Nancy Ann Meeks. On record in Montgomery Co. Ark Records A lot of folks moved to AR waiting for the Texas farmland to be let for Homesteading. Colonel A. Baptisms took place in and Was was this James Stanley? The family is in Montgomery Co.

It is believed that he was the eldest son of Dorothy and David Heffington. David was born in Virginia in David and Dorothy were supposedly parents of eight sons and eight daughters. The majority of these children were born in Warren Co. The first record of this family living in Faulkner Co. The census record in Benton Township lists Thomas and his family, Henry and his family, and Stephen and his family. Old David was living near the three sons in the James Craig household. Barney died around , shortly after arriving in AR. Before the beginning of the Civil War the family had scattered again.

Stephen and his family had moved to Texas where a large number of his descendants live today.

Henry and his family moved to Montgomery Co. The majority of the Heffingtons living in Faulkner Co. Isaac, who was born in and died in , is buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery at Mt. Montgomery Co.


They have 3 children. They are all farming. They are living with his mother Dora and stepfather. Neator or something.

He is 64 and born in Georgia. He is a farmer. She is 60 and born in Ark. He has children Ollie son 21 and Lonnie Housely migrated out of Hamilton Co. Janet b. Phyllis Montgomerie, b.

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She lived and probably died in either Hill or Bell Co. Her husband was W. This couple came to Texas from Montgomery Co. Margaret was the daughter of George V. Rachael A. Hankins Hulsey Shields Smith. Rachael was born February 7, in Ga. She married Jesse N. Hulsey in Montgomery Co. Nancy Katherine Hulsey born in Union Co. She was the daughter of Salathiel Hulsey born in in Franklin Co.

Nancy Katherine had siblings Maryan, Robert R. Robert found in the Census of Hempstead Co. Elizabeth was found in Census of Garland Co. She was 18 and he was Both were born in Missouri. Two girls: Sarah, b. Barnett was the son of John and Sarah Bayley Isenhower. John died in in Cape Girardeau c. Sarah died on a trip from AR to Texas in about The Isenhower families moved to Cass Co.

chilton bryant marriages in missouri Chilton bryant marriages in missouri
chilton bryant marriages in missouri Chilton bryant marriages in missouri
chilton bryant marriages in missouri Chilton bryant marriages in missouri
chilton bryant marriages in missouri Chilton bryant marriages in missouri
chilton bryant marriages in missouri Chilton bryant marriages in missouri
chilton bryant marriages in missouri Chilton bryant marriages in missouri
chilton bryant marriages in missouri Chilton bryant marriages in missouri

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