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Provides customized information to help you start and operate a Wisconsin-based business. Also covers licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements for the State of Wisconsin. This site offers searchable indexes on patents, legal material, patent resources, trademark and copyright issues, technical information and much more.

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Simply answer the questions and receive your EIN immediately after the information is validated. You can download and print the EIN confirmation notice.

In an effort to help small businesses with their exporting questions, the Federal Government has provided this website. Businesses that involve the sale of food or lodging and hair salons will generally have health inspection requirements. These may be determined by consulting the State Division of Health or the local county Health Department, which is often the enforcement body for state health regulations and inspections.


Services include a database of forms, documents, brochures and promotional materials; secondary market research data; demographic information location; site location analysis; business plans and financial ratio information; basic patent and trademark searches; pertinent business articles, e-commerce, market research, rural business and site location training. The Wisconsin Innovation Service Center helps clients make informed decisions by providing research on market opportunities, customers and competition.

Seller's permits are required of every individual, partnership, corporation, or other organization making retail sales or rentals of tangible personal property or retail sales of taxable services in Wisconsin. In requesting a Seller's Permit, the business must forecast the amount of sales tax liability anticipated.

Generally your reporting period will be quarterly unless the Department of Revenue notifies you in writing that your returns must be filed monthly or annually.

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Sales to customers in other states may be subject to different tax. Check with the Department of Revenue in that state. Contact the Department of Revenue at Business owners generally have to file estimated federal income taxes on a quarterly basis. There will be a filing fee, due at the time of submission, which you must pay before the clerk will accept your forms.

The fee varies depending on the type of business you are registering. Even if you do not employ anyone other than yourself, you must get a federal EIN to file and pay taxes on your business profits. Complete Form SS-4 by providing your personal information, including your Social Security number, your business name, type and other pertinent information.

Sign the bottom of the form when you are finished, then make a copy of the completed form. Retain the copy for your personal records.

You can find the correct mailing address and facsimile number for your district on the IRS website. Carrie Ferland is a practicing civil litigation defense attorney in the Philadelphia Area.

How Can I Get a Business Name Registered & a Tax ID?

As an author, her work has been featured in various legal publications for over 10 years. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in English. If a company or legal entity owns several companies or business units that share the same tax ID, you must prepare returns for the legal entity, and not for the individual companies. This means that you must combine the amounts that the individual companies payers paid to the same supplier. Because the system enables you to specify up to five alternate addresses for each company, you can use the alternate address number of the legal entity as one of the alternate addresses for each company.

Later in the process, you specify which of the alternate addresses the system must use to combine the payments that the individual companies made to one supplier. Each company made payments to Marshall Electrical Systems, a supplier.

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You must create a return only for the legal entity, Smith Construction Company. This action enables the system to combine and record the payments that both companies made to Marshall Electrical Systems, on the for Smith Construction. This example describes a company in which the address book record and company record are not the same number. The company number is and the address book number is Company owns companies and and shares the same tax ID.

For processing, you must set up related address book combining so that company is the payer on all returns for the three companies , , and The address book and company records are the same number for company as well as for company Company does not have an address book number of ; therefore, when the company record was set up, was assigned as the company address number. The Company Constants table F stores this information.

Write Media program P This program uses the address book number that is associated with company to locate the mailing address for the return. Enter a phone number.

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Set up Tax ID Number. Set up mailing information. Set up related address information. Company information is stored in the Company Constants table F Accurate reporting depends on setting up company records correctly.

The system uses this information to: Print the company name as the payer's name, on returns. Combine company records for processing. Information about company address book numbers is stored in the Company Constants table F Then, on Work With Companies, click Select.

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Verify company address book numbers. Then, on Work With Addresses, click Select. Verify company address book records. Set up a contact name. Then, from the Row menu, select Phones.

company name from federal id number Company name from federal id number
company name from federal id number Company name from federal id number
company name from federal id number Company name from federal id number
company name from federal id number Company name from federal id number
company name from federal id number Company name from federal id number

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