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Started by sgcn Yesterday at PM Replies: 2. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Question How do i locate my stolen phone using my imei number. Aug 29, Question Can anybody help me how to find my device using imei number?? Plss help me i lost my phone and i miss it so much because i have many travel memories i. Jun 28, Question I lost my android phone and i have imoortan numbers in ther saved on my ohone how can i retrive.

Apr 17, Feb 6, Need to retrieve photos from old google account with an old phone number that i no longer have. Feb 5, Friend phone number.

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Feb 3, How do I find my phone number. Jan 30, I was wondering if I can switch my straight talk number to my Verizon phone and still get service. How to find my lost phone sir. Jan 27, Need my old phone numbers. Jan 24, How can I speak to someone about changing my phone number. Jan 19, How can i find mac number of my lost anroid phone. Jan 10, Jan 5, The warning is appreciated, though I would hope these days that more and more people recognize that "cold calls" telling you that anything in your home has "been compromised" in any way that does not come directly from a company you do business with, is definitely a scam.

If it does come from someone claiming to be from a company you do business with, thank them, terminate the call, and call the company in question to verify or report someone trying a scam using their name. Unfortunately, they don't identify the 'company' they are with and our caller ID displays our own phone number. Btw, on the UK forum I mentioned in my previous message, one of the posters said he would have liked to have asked them, "How did you match up my IP address with my phone number?

Well, since it is an impossibility for caller id to be legitimate if it's showing a call as originating from the same number as the caller is on, that's a HUGE red flag right there.

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I have caller ID and have had two calls that appeared to be originating from my own number. That was a very good, and simple, reason not to answer. Most of these scams would be funny, even hilarious, except for the fact that people keep falling for them. This one apparently was a phone scam as well, similar to the ones referred to above. This is why these calls take place - because enough people fall for them to make them profitable to the criminals who make them.

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Sad but very true. Most of the complaints I have seen for this were in the UK and Australia. Wonder if they are making their way to the states now. Posted 09 October - AM. We weren't able to get their number and they provided no ID. On our caller ID the number displayed was ours. Hang up or severe connection.

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We have spammers of our own. Posted 14 October - AM. British Telecom have a system to prevent repeats of these scammers messages. Immediately after receiving one, dial this will enable you to put the number that last called you into a junk file. It can't be done if the number that called you is "unavailable" but I don't answer those anyway.

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I have reduced my nuisance calls a lot. I don't answer 'number unavailable' calls either except in this case the number being displayed was our number , but they still go to voicemail. Our phone plays the voicemail as it's being recorded so we can hear it. In the U. This is called "Caller ID spoofing. We explain how to find the IP address on your iPhone or Android phone.

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find phone number by ip address Find phone number by ip address
find phone number by ip address Find phone number by ip address
find phone number by ip address Find phone number by ip address
find phone number by ip address Find phone number by ip address
find phone number by ip address Find phone number by ip address

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