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Join Date Jan Posts 8, Federal law prohibits taking possession of handguns purchased outside your state of residence. To comply with Federal law, handguns must be shipped to an FFL inside your state of residence for transfer to you.

There Is No Gun Show Loophole, No Matter What Shannon Watts Says - The Truth About Guns

Federal law allows you to take possession of rifles and shotguns from FFLs only outside your state of residence. In order to legally do that, however, Federal law requires that the transfer comply with both the laws of the state the FFL is in that your are receiving the rifle or shotgun from AND the laws of the state of residence of the recipient.

Your politicians need to read Federal law, 18 USC a 3 and b 3. Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT " Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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Thanks for your reply. I figured he was full of BS but I didn't know how things worked in Indiana. I assume anyone legally selling at an Indiana gun show would have to be a licensed dealer. So could an Indiana resident buy a firearm from an Indiana gun show and take immediate delivery? He has spewed his BS more then once on the network news. Most people will not look into his statement and take it for fact.

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Originally Posted by Bluestar In each of those cases, the gunmen were able to pass background checks despite convictions for domestic violence, a history of drug abuse, or involuntary psychiatric hospitalization, respectively. In the Charleston case, the background check was also hampered by a provision that allows sales to go through after three business days, whether or not federal examiners have cleared the buyer. Additionally, many people just ignore the law.

In a study conducted last October , Wintemute reviewed survey data that found large numbers of California gun owners disregard background check requirements nearly three decades after the policy was first implemented. One in four gun owners said they had purchased a gun without going through a check.

Indiana Gun Laws

In another study , Wintemute, Kagawa, and others found that in three states that passed universal background check laws — Colorado, Washington and Delaware — only one saw the number of checks increase. Logically, if gun owners complied with the law and got checked for sales that would have previously been unregulated, the number of checks should have risen substantially. Shootings themselves are only one kind of criminal activity that policy makers seek to reduce with background checks. Research by Daniel Webster of the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests that universal background checks effectively constrain the illegal gun market.

Webster found in a analysis of gun trace data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that universal background check laws reduced trafficking.

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  • The same goes for flows of guns between states. In a book on the effectiveness of gun policy that Webster edited in , he reviewed a wealth of economic literature that found that states with weak gun laws that allowed unregulated private sales routinely exported guns to states with stronger laws — but not the other way around. So-called permit-to-purchase systems have shown a lot of promise. In such a system, all gun buyers must apply for a gun license from local law enforcement. Licenses are only granted to residents who clear a complete background check.

    Research by Webster strongly suggests that permit-to-purchase laws reduce gun deaths.

    When a police officer apprehends someone with a firearm, the permit, or lack of one, provides strong indication of whether the person is a legal gun owner. The percentage of guns recovered at crime scenes within three months of their original sale nearly tripled from to In a paper, Webster and others compared Missouri with Connecticut, which implemented a licensing requirement in the early s.

    In Missouri, firearm suicides increased 16 percent after the repeal of the permit requirement. In Connecticut, the firearm suicide rate fell by 15 percent after the state imposed its permit law. Even if a state could effectively screen all gun sales within its borders, people banned from owning firearms could still travel to a neighboring state with looser laws to arrange a private sale. In , over 4, gun shows were conducted around the country.

    Gun Show Background Checks State Laws

    What is the difference between a licensed dealer and an unlicensed seller? They are also required to conduct instant criminal background checks on all gun buyers -and are prohibited from selling guns to convicted felons, domestic abusers, and juveniles. Unlicensed sellers are people who may sell a small or large amount of guns but do not or are not supposed to earn their livelihood from firearm sales.

    These sellers do not have to conduct criminal background checks on gun sales.

    Consumer Transactions

    Unlicensed sellers may sell guns at gun shows, out of their homes, or even over the Internet. However, this law does not cover all gun sellers. Because they are unlicensed, these sellers are not required to keep records of sales and are not required to perform background checks on potential buyers, even those prohibited from purchasing guns by the Gun Control Act.

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    The gun show loophole refers to the fact that prohibited purchasers can avoid required background checks by seeking out these unlicensed sellers at gun shows.

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