How to find people like yourself

1. I can’t find People Like Me.

But people who do the right thing get fine inner rewards and often outer rewards too.

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What you do tends to correspond to what you get in the long run. Some of the things I think is the right thing to do is to keep my life in order and organized, to workout regularly and take care of my health, to be positive and open, to spend time doing things I really like doing, to get out of my comfort zone and face fears and to be a person of action. When you do the right thing you like yourself more and so the self sabotage decreases.

TEST: Do you think other people like you? | Psychologies

The standards you set for yourself flows over to your world too. And what you think and do to the world around you — for example being judgmental or being open and kind — is how you tend to think about yourself and treat yourself too. Appreciate yourself. What you do or do not do has a huge effect on how you view yourself and how much you like yourself. But what you focus on in your mind is also important.

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So make a habit of focusing on appreciating the good things about yourself. Take two minutes right now to think about positive things about you or good things you have done and accomplished. This extends to what you focus on in the world around you too. Because as I mentioned in the previous tip, what you focus on in the people around you tends to be how you see and treat yourself.

So you may want to add five or ten things that you appreciate about the people around you to those journal entries and two minute appreciation sessions.

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The more you do things like these, the more this kind of thinking will naturally pop up in your everyday life too. Another great post! If you want others to like you, you have to like yourself. If you want to educate others, you must educate yourself. But you can change yourself. Be happy with yourself. You can serve others so much better when you love yourself.

If you hate yourself you are always trying to fill that hole. If you love yourself you are full and the extra flows out to others in your actions. Great post. Loving and approving of one self is very important. It can be the very difference between living a healthy and abundant life style and not.

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Thanks for posting. Other people do not yet understand your sense of humor or lack thereof , and neither of you knows how much common knowledge you share or how closely your attitudes line up. Consequently, the conversation becomes a dance in which two people probe for feedback that can help to manage the awkwardness between them.

Needless to say, conversations involving more than two people become even more complicated. The spotlight effect occurs when we overestimate the extent to which other people are focusing on us, especially on our shortcomings. We beat ourselves up over every physical imperfection, every awkward question, and every lame joke — and we think that other people remember these things more vividly and judge us more harshly than they actually do. Becoming aware of the spotlight effect can help put you at ease in social situations and make you more interpersonally effective.

Part of becoming a good conversationalist is accurately deciphering how others feel about us.

The Importance of Finding Your Tribe: 6 Action Steps to Attract Like-Minded Friends

Coming to terms with the liking gap may be a good first step. Silence is golden. You will learn more by listening Dominating a discussion sends the wrong message. The only way anyone likes me is when I listen a great deal.

This is probably a truth for most of us. The other things, of course, conversations need to be a two way street. If I want to listen so much and not talk, some will walk away. Dudley Professor of Psychology at Knox College. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Tags Inspiration. Some people seem to struggle each day to find contentment or a happy way of living, while others easily face each day with spirit.

Have you ever thought about which type of person you are? Or how this might describe those around you?

How To Get People To Respect You - 20 Ways To Earn Respect

It's one of our favorite tips for learning how to be happier. Watching how someone reacts to a funny situation, and feeling yourself pulled into the good humor, is a great way to bond and get to know each other better. We all have our struggles.

how to find people like yourself How to find people like yourself
how to find people like yourself How to find people like yourself
how to find people like yourself How to find people like yourself
how to find people like yourself How to find people like yourself
how to find people like yourself How to find people like yourself
how to find people like yourself How to find people like yourself
how to find people like yourself How to find people like yourself
how to find people like yourself How to find people like yourself

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