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If this is the case, I don't see a problem. This is very clean. In Hawaii, you can specify both a new middle name and last name when you apply for a marriage license. Having the middle and last names in separate fields makes it clear to various government and state institutions what your current, pre-marriage, legal name is and the new name you've chosen to change to.

Line 1 is useful because it identifies your current legal name before any change. This provides a before and after pictures of your name transition. I got married in NY and left the "New Surname" field blank. I would like to change my last name to my husband's, but I now reside in NC.

What is the best method to change my last name in NC? Can I apply for a NC marriage license? Will Social Security accept the original NY certificate? I live in New Jersey, which does not list new last names on certificates. I want to use my last name and his,with no hyphen,can I do that? I put just his for new surname on the marriage license.

Marriage License

The clerk at the office told me I didn't need to write my new name in,I could choose later. This is all so confusing!! I have a friend who will be married in California but resides in Texas. She is unsure of what to change her name to or even if she would like to change her name.

It just doesn't matter

Should she include a name change on her marriage license if she decides later on she would like to change her name? If she leaves the name change space blank, will she still be able to change her name later on as long as she has proof of marriage?

Passport Renewal from SINGLE to MARRIED in Washington D.C - Requirements of renewing our passport

Will she have to file a petition for a name change or will the marriage certificate suffice. Also, how long does she have to file her marriage license after it has been filed with the county. It's Santa Barbara.

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If you have any other helpful information for me to pass along that would be amazing. I'm not sure what you mean by this. After your friend is married, the marriage certificate must be sent back to the issuing office for recording within 10 days following the ceremony. So I got married in in Los Angeles.

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  • I believe at that time there was no spot on the application to enter in a new name. I've looked over my Cert. That's because California's Name Equality Act of didn't actually go into effect until January 1, I got married in MA.

    I wanted to drop my middle name. I am also applying for foreign visa and applied as Jane Smith. Having a passport with a different name will make me forfeit visa. I made an appointment with Passport agency. My appointment is on Friday. Why Is Passport not recognizing MA name change? The SSA doesn't actually consider your middle name as part of your legal name.

    Dropping it doesn't mean much. It could be a simple as the agent filling in your missing name, thinking the omission was a mistake. I got married in California almost 2 years ago and I was told I could change my name later. Now both husband and I are Texas residents and I want to change my name. Do I just bring my marriage license with my maiden name to a social security office in Texas? Does it matter that the license is from California and only says my maiden name?

    I got my marriage license in New York City 2 years ago, but I didn't change my last name. I now reside in New Jersey and just decided I want to make the change. I want to make my maiden name as part of my middle name and take my husband's last name.

    Changes you do not have to report

    How do I go about doing this? Which state do I apply for the name change? Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance! I got married in Kentucky and my marriage license has my maiden name listed. I don't remember an option for a name change, but I could have missed it.

    Marriage License

    Is it going to be a problem when I try to change my name in Ohio? You didn't miss anything. There is no new name after marriage field on Kentucky marriage license applications. Hi we live in Maryland and my wife wants to change her last name to mine but we wrote her maiden name on the marriage license. Will it still be possible for her to change her last name at the social security office with that marriage license? I got a marriage certificate in Oklahoma and they misspelled the name to be known as. And i missed the typo. Is there anyway for me to amend it without him there?

    Contact the court clerk's office about getting it reissued. If they're the ones who made the mistake, it shouldn't cost you anything.

    How to Get a Marriage Certificate - Marriage Name Change

    They'll have to explain their internal procedures. You may be able to get this processed without having to go in office. I am getting married in Massachusetts, I have not decided if I want to change my last name. On the Massachusetts marriage license form it ask what your married surname will be. Do I need to put my husbands last name or will my maiden name suffice to officially change it in the future? I am under the impression I could put my husbands last name and officially change my last name in the future when I choose. That's correct. Putting down your husband's last name leaves that option available to you down the road.

    Hi Paulina. You can change your name during the naturalization process. It's simple. Just make the request at the proper time. I want to apply for residency in Mexico and I'm married to a Mexican citizen. In order to apply, our names on the marriage certificate need to match exactly the names on our passports, which they don't no middle names, and my name is now hyphenated.

    Can we get married again in the US using our full names? Would we need to get divorced first? Some U. I got married 5 years ago and I am now deciding to change my last name. I want to surprise my husband with all completed process of changing my name. Obviously my marriage certificate has my maiden name.

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    • What is my first step in changing my last name?? Thank you. First, does your marriage certificate have a space where you specified a new name after marriage and you're now trying to deviate from that choice? If so, that could be a problem. Let's assume that's not what you're facing, and move onto your next step…. You'll still use a certified copy of your marriage certificate to prove your name change event.

      Because your marriage took place over two years ago, you'll have to include an identity document e. Yes, this is my issue. Im finally deciding to change my last name. Thank you, so I will get my marriage certificate with added ID and move on to the social security part. If your marriage certificate has a new name after marriage specified, that's what the SSA would accept. You couldn't switch to a new name choice. I was married in Vegas and never changed my name, I reside in AZ and want to give my husband a surprise with the name Change, can I still do that?

      I was married in Vegas 3weeks ago but live in IL.

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