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My kids are the main reason why I decided to start this website. I was so shy and easily embarrassed even as a child despite growing up in a very open family , so I was thoroughly shocked upon seeing anatomically correct dolls in the toy store. I remember that my mom asked me if I wanted one to my collection and I vehemently declined. Your email address will not be published.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. Email Address. Table of Contents. Before you start, first change the font style and size to something that's more appropriate for a certificate. Microsoft Word is loaded with hundreds of different fonts, so take your time to go through and choose the one you like best.

The font size is entirely up to you, but I recommend using a font size around points , as this is creates prominent lettering that's easy to see. In addition to changing the font size and type, you may also want to double space the characters so it looks more like a certificate and less like a traditional letter or document. To do this, simply click on the tab labeled "Page Layout" on the top-left portion of your document. Then, select "Paragraph" and "Double Spacing" from the given options.

All of the text entered into the document will now be double spaced instead of single spaced.

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Once you've made the necessary adjustments previously listed, you can then begin to enter in all of the information you want your reborn doll's birth certificate to contain. This allows you to go back over the document with an ink pink later to give it an authentic touch. Of course you can type the information instead if you wish, but I prefer the look of pen ink on my reborn doll birth certificates.

Note: Take a look at the document listed in the reference section below for an excellent example of what a reborn doll birth certificate should look like. Here's a list of some of the things you should include in your reborn doll's birth certificate:.

Why You Should Create a Birth Certificate For Your Reborn Dolls

By now you should have a nearly complete birth certificate that's loaded with fields for writing information about your reborn. Before printing it out and filling those fields in, though, you should look for a cute image to place at the top of the birth certificate document. As the old saying goes - a picture's worth a thousand words - holds true in this instance.

To create an attractive reborn doll birth certificate, you'll need to place a picture at the top of the document. You can either choose to take a picture of one or more of your reborn dolls, or you can find one online to use. Remember, though, most images found online are copyrighted, so you'll have to be careful and only use those which give you legal rights to use.

Once you've found an image you wish to use, click on the "Insert" tab at the top, choose the image and move it around to the desired location at the top. The Cabbage Patch Kids available for adoption today may not be identical to earlier Cabbage Patch Kids as styles have changed.

cabbage patch kids dolls galore - Review of BabyLand General Hospital, Cleveland, GA - TripAdvisor

Original Cabbage Patch Kids come dressed as shown in their photo. The outfit is completely removable. Each one comes with a Birth Certificate and Adoption Paper. Props used in the photos are not included unless specifically stated.

Making a birth certificate for the doll!

Exclusive Kids and Babies come dressed as shown in their photo. Their clothing is completely removable. If the photo shows a pacifier, it is also included. Each one comes with a Birth Certificate. Toy Cabbage Patch Kids come dressed as shown in the photo and with the accessories shown. Most outfits are removable unless otherwise stated. Most come with a birth certificate unless otherwise stated. We update whenever we receive new deliveries from Mother Cabbage. Removal of an individual photo of a Kid or Baby from our website is an indication that particular Kid or Baby has been adopted.

You can use our filter to view other Kids or Babies with the particular features you desire. The name will not change until you actually adopt the baby. There is no fee for renaming or changing the birth date for a hand stitched Original Cabbage Patch Kid. Your birth certificate will arrive with your baby in a separate white envelope.

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  4. If you ordered a packaged Toy Cabbage Patch Kid, you may want to remove the original certificate affixed to the inside of the package and replace it with the new one. We do not open any of the Toy packages as collectors prefer the packages remain unopened.

    Make a doll birth certificate
    Make a doll birth certificate
    Make a doll birth certificate
    Make a doll birth certificate
    Make a doll birth certificate
    Make a doll birth certificate
    Make a doll birth certificate
    Make a doll birth certificate
    Make a doll birth certificate

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