Vintage video camera old look

For a Canon film camera, this should be at the top of your list. When the Rollei 35 was released in , it was the smallest existing 35mm camera on the market. Even today it remains the second smallest in compact cameras. Check out this video I made of the one I own:. Some of the features included were mirror lock-up, a self-timer, a through-the-lens exposure meter, and depth of field preview via a button on the lens.

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The slimmed-down design was a hit and the vintage camera is considered a classic today. These were very popular cameras with students. Plus they were sturdy cameras that lasted for ages. It continued to be manufactured for 15 years with some variations such as the OM-1MD and OM-1n being produced over the course of that time.

If you were impressed by the sales of the Canon AE-1, then get a load of this! And it eventually sold over three million units.

Super easy to get your hands on still, and very well made too. These two models were already famous for extreme ruggedness and durability. A perfect sought after vintage camera.

This Japanese brand is one of my favorite vintage camera brands that takes film. The first one was dropped and damaged the light meter , so I replaced it while waiting for it to be repaired. It was first brought into production in , and was produced for 10 years, with only very minor changes.

And as you set aperture or shutter speed , LEDs would glow in one or two of seven positions, indicating whether the exposure was correct or not. A vintage camera that surpasses most. The Diana is a classic cheap toy camera of the s. And film photography has become more popular overall. It houses film, which is a little harder to develop.

With the newer models you can get 35mm backs, or simply buy a Diana mini instead. It just goes to show how much fun you can have with a bit of cheap plastic! It still makes a helluva great vintage camera.

50 Vintage Cameras: A Buyer’s Guide For Photographers | Wedding Photography Design

You hardly need me to explain what makes Polaroid so special. We all know them for producing hand-shake inducing instant pictures. What makes the SX so special though is the fact that it folds flat. This is no easy feat for an instant SLR film camera. And well, just look at that vintage camera design! Want to know more about film photography?

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Check out our new post about the best 35mm film camera next! Nikon Fs is way cheaper than the F3 and better in many ways: th flash synch, motor drive, high-eye-point finder, spot metering, etc. Check it out! The great old days. The true way to learn photography is to use slr cameras using film.

Antique and Vintage Cameras

Are ajustable with most front standard studio movements. While the Centry view cameras have all the studio movements of the front and rear standards. And If you are interested in manipulating light, Well The best way to learn is on a device that has no auto funcion. That and I enjoy doing wet-plate images and the Ag, or Au nitrate, and geliten. Since the point is to learn how to do all the things that the cameras do themselves.

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David 3. Josh, Glad to see that the Canon AE-1 was on your list. My friends gave mine to me back in and it helped rekindle my love of photography. I still have it and will try to make it a goal of mine to start using it again in the new year. I am both a graphic designer and photographer living and working in New York City. Thank you for your posting, Daniel S. Hi there, The comments about the olympus Om1 are rather inaccurate. It DOES have a mirror lock-up. Vintage Canon cine camera.

Gardens 10 hrs ago 10 hours ago. Reverse playback. Manual included. With the original box. Drive belt needs replacing otherwise in great conditionContact Chris via Gumtree Woodstock 11 hrs ago 11 hours ago. R 2, We offer a Door-to-Door, Fully Insured courier service. Riaan Keyser - Fa cebook: www. Brackenfell 13 hrs ago 13 hours ago. You come or we bring it all to you. Do you want your photo to be edited? Eastern Pretoria 14 hrs ago 14 hours ago.

All items are in very good condition. Only needs a new battery. All reasonable offers considered. Durban North 17 hrs ago 17 hours ago. Vintage Sharp Colour Video Camera. Comes in the original box. Great collectors item. Parklands 17 hrs ago 17 hours ago. Kodak released a series of German built Retina cameras starting with the original Retina in , all the way through the non-folding Retina S2 in Throughout t he midth century, Kodak was not known as a premiere camera maker, but the Retina line stood out as the exce Kuils River a day ago a day ago.

Film camera not in full working condition. Faulty film camera in need of repairs but extra film included Rondebosch a day ago a day ago. Kraaifontein a day ago a day ago. The motor runs, but untested. East London a day ago a day ago. Film camera for holiday fun.

Vintage video camera old look
Vintage video camera old look
Vintage video camera old look
Vintage video camera old look
Vintage video camera old look

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