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This usually occurs because too many tabs have been opened or a poorly coded extension is installed that leaks memory. You MUST completely close all instances of your browser to reallocate memory and restart the javascript engine. Crossword Problem: Only the title and instructions show up. No puzzle shows up. This is caused because javascript does not have enough memory to generate the crossword puzzle. Usually caused by having too many tabs open or a poorly coded app is installed. If you have 'words' that are duplicates, the duplicate may or may not show up.

If you only have one duplicated word and it is missing from your puzzle, try regenerating the puzzle to see if it will get included. If you have 2 duplicates, you can try regenerating, but less likely all duplicates will make it in the more duplicates you have. This really isn't a reason, but some people will enter 20 clues and see that the puzzle only goes to the number Sometimes words will share a number i. Got a different problem not listed above? Not a premium subscriber? You MUST be using the same computer and browser to access previously saved lists.

If you ever delete your browser cookies, all of your saves will be lost. Be advised: our generators make a new puzzle each time you generate them. Therefore, loading a saved list will not generate a puzzle identical to one made at a previous time, it will only keep you from having to re-enter lists. Click to save word list to the indicated slot. Click to load a previously saved list. Word searches and Scrambles have 1 list. Match-ups and Crosswords have 2 lists. Click to load the second list on a single list puzzle. When saving, only the title and word list s are saved, no other options will be preserved.

Once saved, lists can be loaded into other puzzles! Tell us if you like this option or have problems in the feedback form below. Be sure to tell your friends about us!

Save Slot Title Saved As. Slot 1: Empty Empty. Slot 2: Empty Empty. Enter your words and remove all spaces Select the proper language for the puzzle Check the Fun Options checkbox Click the "Fun Options" button There are tons of things you can do with the "Fun Options". Premium Subscription : Over fonts!

Creating Custom Word Search Puzzles

Install these fonts on your computer! Fun Options. Options below will alter LIST of words visible on the worksheet. Hidden words are not altered. Example below: IHaveADream.

Printable Worksheets

Tip 2: First: shuffle words. Second: provide clue before shuffled word. Tip 3: Put spaces in the phrases that you needed to combine for hiding. Tip 4: Put spaces in the phrases, then scramble it scrambles the words individually! Please give us feedback on our Worksheets! If advertisements are causing any problems, please email us screenshots and browser used!

Let us know! We are trying to see how many people this is affecting! What can we do to make them better?

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  • If you get a chance, please tell a friend! Click here to view all of our plans Subscription Features include: All Banner Ads removed from the entire website Note: Subscriptions do NOT allow citation removal from puzzles and worksheets created on our site. More options available for customizing puzzles! More stock images to choose from! More images allowed per puzzle! Developed by a teacher, it includes a crossword puzzle maker, bingo cards maker, jumble maker, word search puzzle maker, flashcard maker and much more.

    Download Teacher's Pet Find out more. Using the Teaching Resource search tool right , you can easily find articles, poems, quotes and much more to work on with the Teacher's Pet toolbar. Give it a try! The Teacher's Pet can transform word lists into crosswords, word search puzzles, bingo cards, flashcards and more! Here are some word lists to start you off! For more info, visit My-GED.

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    Crossword Maker. Word Search Maker. Flashcard Maker. Bingo Card Maker. Word Jumble Maker.

    Word search puzzle maker for teachers
    Word search puzzle maker for teachers
    Word search puzzle maker for teachers
    Word search puzzle maker for teachers
    Word search puzzle maker for teachers
    Word search puzzle maker for teachers
    Word search puzzle maker for teachers

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