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Meet with a Local Expert near you. Enterprise-grade location and listings management. Unlock the power of your local marketing and drive more customers to all of your locations with our suite of products. Listings are the engine that drive your local presence. SweetIQ's data puts you in the driver's seat. What we do for our clients Our industry-leading platform combined with our deep analytics and local expertise have increased ROI for hundreds of brands. Request a demo. Agency Brand. Does paying for a listing on a specific local business directory guarantee you first-page placement?

In some cases, that will make the listing worth it— if the site is getting enough traffic from your target customers. This is especially important for local business directories whose category pages rank on the first page for your target keyword. For these directories, it's essential that your business gets placed in the right category and at the top of the first page, if possible.

The True Cost of Local Business Directories - Moz

Think of that category page as search results—the further down the page you are, the less likely people are to click through to your business. If you're on the second or third page, those chances go down even further. Local business directories can be valuable assets for your local business marketing. Be sure to do your due diligence in researching the right directories for your business. You can also simplify the process and see what Moz Local has to offer.

Once your listings are live, be sure to monitor them for new reviews, tips, and other engagement.

Also be sure to monitor your analytics to determine which local business directory is giving you the most benefit! About kristihines — Kristi Hines is a freelance writer , professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. I think that cost for adding SLB small local business to directories is little bit overpriced. Most of adding can be done within few hours in major directories for free. And within few days in small directories. When i see some business add in lot directories this mean for me two things:.

But the real question is - is adding in all directories needed? Because later you need to monitor these listings, answer to customers, track engagements, etc.

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This mean extra work later in ongoing basis. Of course there Moz Local can help you lot. Good DM mean that their product and services are outstanding and you can very easy check this with one simply visit. Very often this is best company in local area. Just to be sure that anyone in area that didn't visit them or used them in past can be easy fooled. Of course most of users didn't come back later. Great insight Peter! I think that sometimes, you don't get a choice with small business directories. It may not be a significant site, but if your business's profile from that site comes up on the first page of search, you'll have to monitor it whether you want to or not.

At least when you claim some of these sites, they alert you to new reviews.

Yes - it's true. But here is real-world scenario - most of customers aren't non-stop online.

Meet with a Local Expert near you.

Some of them can be driving instructors or dentists or vets. List is almost unlimited But that people will get mails and this will blind their attention. Sometime they can see good or negative review days or even weeks, months - i'm not kidding later. When it's too late for action. And situation can be even worse if some agency add you as-many-business-directories-for-more-money.

This can give you temporary boost but require extra monitoring that customers didn't have.

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It is not necessary to add in all directories, if we do so, we will be forced to choose the less relevant categories which will hurt our business. But when you're an agency and provide "shady" services you can add customer sites in all of them. Just for little bit more funds now and in future. More services require more attention later. And we all knows that time is money.

Hi,Peter I totally agree with your opinion. Having registered your business in too many directories is at least difficult to maintain. Especially when your business' good reputation is involved and most of the directories provided options for the businesses to be rated you need constantly to look for citations,comments or reviews. I have registered my company on Customerso and Foursquare only, but I see it also appeared on Yelp and then on Google. While this gives me a better exposure I can't always guarantee that can answer a question or reply on a user's query or worse-to reply to something which is not necessarily true.

In my opinion the registering in any kind of business directories should be voluntary with the permission of the business owner, but there's no law to control this, especially in the USA. I also preferred Yelp, yellowpages, citysquares etc these are really best for local business. Thanks Kristi Hines for this info.. There is definitely a point of diminishing returns when it comes to local directories.

What I really like is using SEMrush to analyze traffic for each directory, but what do you think is the best way to do that at scale?

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Thanks Eric! They have a guide on how to use the API with Excel - hopefully that will get you going in the right direction! Currently we have to analyze the directories because there are many poor quality. Thanks for the post. This is why I am such a huge fan of services like Moz Local. Definitely the simplest route possible. I am looking forward to moz local, could you please let us know how many listings can be done through moz local and how much time it takes and the frequency of listings.

It will be really helpful. Kristi you have done a great analysis but I believe manual citation provides better advantage if we submit all information in proper way than we easily get a chance in high ranking, thanks for this presentation this will improve the value of search engine marketing service on client's eye. Kirsti, It'a a great guide. I'd like to know, how do you find the potential directories in countries where Yelp and other authoritative sites doesn't exist?

Good article and write up. You obviously spent a good amount of time prepping and writing this and know your stuff. Thanks for sharing! I like your tips on researching your competitors, analyzing what directories they are on and the point of diminishing returns. In my opinion, you have to be careful with directories and citations. There may be handful of others which are niche specific which are also good to be on.

However, it isnt necessary to be on more directories than that. In my experience, as long as you are on the main directories and have a few niche specific ones as well, this should be plenty. Paying for directory submission services can be hit and miss because there are many directories in those which are useless or which you may already be listed on - Google, Yahoo, FB, Bing, Yelp, etc.

yellow pages profile plus canada video Yellow pages profile plus canada video
yellow pages profile plus canada video Yellow pages profile plus canada video
yellow pages profile plus canada video Yellow pages profile plus canada video
yellow pages profile plus canada video Yellow pages profile plus canada video
yellow pages profile plus canada video Yellow pages profile plus canada video

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